Thursday, February 3


I know it's a tad personal. But i'm up for letting out all feelings on here.. So today I found out that my grandad has got cancer. First reaction. I cried my eyes out, for ages. Sobbed an awful lot. It's hard because we've been through it already. It makes me feel sick, he's done nothing bad. Never said a bad word against anyone but yet something so bad happens to him? My Nan's heartbroken..and there's just nothing anyone can do :( I don't know what to say, or how to approach anyone. All we can do now is just hope he'll pull through. I mean he should do! It's gonna be the hardest few weeks of my life and I feel sick that the cunts at Scarborough and James Cook hospital could of stopped this from happening if they didn't pratt around. But now all we can do is just wish and hope for the <3<3

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