Thursday, February 3

2. Have you changed in the past 2 years?

Yess! I have changed an awful lot. A lot of it for the worse. Some for the good. I suppose as you get older, you start to do things that older people 'do'..that has a huuuuge effect on you as a person. Whether you do it at a young age or older age. No matter what you're always going to get judged for who you are. I tend to care a lot more about what I look like because I have a verrry low self esteem. I'm one of them people who want to be perfect and would try there hardest. I just fail at it. On the other hand.. i've realised to appreciate my friends and my family a lot more than I ever have. I've lost and been through so many things and i've realised that the most important people in your life are not those you can't have but the ones that you need to keep..

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  1. This blog looks beautiful :) and your writing is gorgeous!

    I have joined now... hope to see you on mine too soon...